There’s something about this little old cafe….


“Strangely enough, the first character in Fried Green Tomatoes was the cafe, and the town. I think a place can be as much a character in a novel as the people.”   -Fannie Flagg

Imagine a place that feels like a home away from home. A place where you recognize and appreciate the familiar faces, but see some new faces with amazing personalities you have yet to associate with. An alternative/romantic music enthusiast’s dream hangout, with touches like books, fireplaces, comfy chairs, and WiFi to write that new blog post you just can’t seem to find the peace and quiet to write with. To top your new home off, a cup of piping hot coffee (or hot chocolate if that’s more your style) 🙂 on a chilly winter day, when you just wandered in to get away from that cold, wet snow. Now, of course this doesn’t describe every coffee shop, but c’mon, does an open cafe with sounds of crashing waves and hula music not sound just as amazing?!

More often than not, when the word “cafe” or “coffee shop” comes up in a conversation, you can only imagine what people think of. “Starbucks!” -_- This aggravates me slightly, because I consider Starbucks nothing short of the opposite of a cafe. Now, don’t get it twisted, I can go for a cup of Starbucks anything any day, despite their prices and sugar content. I think most everything there tastes amazing, they just aren’t offering the experience of a cafe that I’ve dreamed of. I think there is not only a different atmosphere, but a different group of people associated with Starbucks and other coffee shops.

With all the different personalities that run cafes around the world, you’re bound to find one you can fall in love with over and over again paired with a few sips, or a few cups, lets be real, of that specialty drink that you just can’t understand how they make taste so good, even at $3.50 a cup, you convince yourself it’s worth it every time, because that last sip just doesn’t seem like enough.