Growing up for the majority of my life in a small town left me with a compassion that I feel is disrupted by the hustle of bustle of an urban community. From the common gestures of holding doors and smiling at strangers, to less common gestures of helping the lady across the street carry in her groceries, or the one person on the street with four-wheel drive helping his/her neighbors get to their homes when it snows. Of course, not all people are like this and many of these people, although kind and selfless have controversial views with which I may not agree. However, they are nice people, and after living here for nearly two decades, you begin to overlook the politics and focus more on how they treat you as a person. There are drawbacks to living in a county of two towns with a population of around three thousand, including the lack of activities, charitable events, and places to interact with the community. I’m not going to lie, I’m ready to go and experience living in a huge city where you can walk to the nearest cafe, with a diverse community to interact with, but I appreciate that I have been able to live in  a place with such beauty and kindness. The reason I have spent a reasonable portion of explaining where I came from for insight on a little about me, is due to the fact that I wholeheartedly believe that where you come from defines a portion of who you are as a person. I can guarantee that a person from New York will differ greatly in personality than myself based solely on the difference of our origins. 

Explaining myself based on my individual personality will depend on who you ask. My friends say I’m philosophical, outgoing, and a free spirit. Whereas, my mother might describe me as determined, caring, sensitive, lighthearted, and intelligent. I would describe myself as a person who gets her feelings hurt much easier than she gets angry, as a girl a love who loves to be pampered, but also loves to return the favor to the ones she loves, a girl who loves being nice to others in the hopes of changing someones day, and as girl who loves to better herself in everything, so she can say one day that she accomplished her dreams and if not, did her best to achieve them. 

I love writing, even though I haven’t always. I began to really enjoy writing when I discovered that there was a community for it. I enjoy the feeling of being a part of something larger. I may not be the next Edgar Allen Poe or Emily Dickinson, or even good enough to compare myself to them for that matter, but my writing satisfies something in me. I feel lighter, relaxed, and important when I write. I enjoy that I can look back on the posts that I have made, and say I’m getting better, or just to remember how I was feeling in those moments.

I made an About Me that goes further into what my hobbies and interests are, so if that’s more of what you are looking for click here.


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