Be amazing!

Amazing –

1.) Causing Great Surprise or Wonder; astonishing.

2.) Startlingly impressive.

I would describe many of the people in my life with the word “amazing.” I don’t use the word amazing to describe people because they have inquired a sense of wonder in me or impressed me in some magnificent way. Although this might have also occurred, the real reason I like to use the word amazing to describe a variety of people is because it not only provides positive reinforcement, but also because it sounds imaginative…at least in my opinion. 

When I think of a land like Neverland or Wonderland, where the magical possibilities are endless and the happy endings are the only endings, I think….”amazing.” Amazing that someone could have dreamed up a world so beautiful, amazing that someone had the dedication to make that dream come true, and truly amazing that that dedication is now recognized worldwide in different countries who’s people speak many different languages.

Through personal experience, I have only been referred to as “amazing” a maximum of five times in my life span. These times exclude my beautiful mother and father, who have provided me with truly “amazing” positive support and referred to me as “amazing” more times than I can count.

However, these lonely other five times that I have been called amazing were AMAZING! The rush of hope and love I felt from the world was indescribable, not to mention the amount of self-confidence I gained. I was these people’s definition of “amazing,” and although I didn’t know exactly what that meant, I did know that it meant I had something to offer to the world. I could be one of those people who dreamed up Neverland or Wonderland, and I could make that dream come true. “Amazing.”

To all of you out there who need this….YOU ARE AMAZING. However, that means nothing if my amazing and your amazing are different. No matter the case, define your amazing, and BE IT.

With care,



Man’s Best Friend

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.
-Josh Billings



These two pups are what keep me going on days I feel like I can’t. No matter the circumstances, they are always in a good mood. They love me more than I could even compensate with. It’s hard where I live, because several people around here don’t believe in keeping animals for pets. However I do, and I find it sickening the extent some people will go to for the purpose of using a dog as a machine. My dogs are a part of my family, and I long for the day when everyone else feels the same about their pets. Cherish your pets today, because their love is unconditional. Is yours?